mrsalenko asked: libba I haven't asked u a weird question for ages. I feel remiss in my duty as ur.... Australian pet wallaby or soemthing idfk

It’s okay I haven’t sent you thinly obscured anon hate in like a week so it evens out

thanks tumblr

thanks tumblr

I want to be the kind of person whose eulogy could contain the words “she took a lot of pictures of imaginary noses” or maybe “she was comforted in her last days by the roomba she treated as a child”

I put so much garlic in this and now my whole life is wonderful

bluesnyder replied to your post: “I don’t have many regrets in life but the fact that I didn’t buy 300…”:

Buy the whole rack, regret nothing.

They were so great because I have these days where I don’t want to touch things with my hands or feel wind in my hair because it seems like a ton of work? And moving to California kind of sucked because I could no longer wear my giant hatmittensweatshirts everywhere without dying. But TSHIRT HOODIES solve all my problems and they’re very attractive like I’d totally do me in one.

I don’t have many regrets in life but the fact that I didn’t buy 300 of these damn Old Navy t-shirt hoodies when I had the chance is going to stay with me.

Wake up Australia, I need to sleep

My life is a mess but my whole house smells like corned beef so I’m doing pretty okay right now.